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2011, Feb 20th Chatlog: GoMe Meeting/(IRC Chat)

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Original thread can be found here: http://www.guildofmessengers.com/en/forum/topic/guild-meeting

(7:07:44 PM) LostThyme: Hello, Allatwan
(7:07:50 PM) Luna: Hi twan
(7:07:52 PM) Leonardo: ok guys!!! Theremin may not have much time, so let's start!
(7:07:56 PM) kaelis: hi, Allatwan!
(7:07:59 PM) Leonardo: hi Allatwan
(7:08:01 PM) Allatwan: Shorah!
(7:08:04 PM) Allatwan: :)
(7:08:05 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Hello from al of us!
(7:08:12 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: *all
(7:08:16 PM) Theremin: I'm OK for time today, no worries!
(7:08:17 PM) Luna: all here who signed up
(7:08:30 PM) Allatwan: I have a question!
(7:08:31 PM) Allatwan: :P
(7:08:31 PM) Leonardo: good good...let's start
(7:08:43 PM) Allatwan: If I may...
(7:08:48 PM) Leonardo: the Magazine gets the main focus today
(7:08:52 PM) Leonardo: sure All
(7:08:58 PM) Allatwan: It is related to the magazine
(7:09:08 PM) Allatwan: I just wanted to know what you guys thought of this...
(7:09:14 PM) Allatwan: I just need to find the link...
(7:09:24 PM) Luna: the mc thing?
(7:09:29 PM) Allatwan: I asked people something related to my article, and someone replied off
(7:09:41 PM) Allatwan: however, it was a rather interesting answer
(7:09:47 PM) Leonardo: oh....it seems we moved in almost the same direction XD
(7:09:59 PM) Allatwan: I just wanted to know if it could be inserted somewhere...
(7:10:06 PM) Luna: http://www.mystcommunity.com/board/index.php?/topic/36950-gatheringfeedb...
(7:10:28 PM) Luna: there ya go
(7:10:56 PM) Allatwan: http://www.mystcommunity.com/board/index.php?/topic/36950-gatheringfeedb...
(7:11:03 PM) Allatwan: ah, well...
(7:11:07 PM) Allatwan: aandered, I guess ^^
(7:11:12 PM) Leonardo: I think we have got something very similar to that in our email account...
(7:11:13 PM) Luna: aandered >.>
(7:11:17 PM) Luna: yeah
(7:11:19 PM) Allatwan: yeah
(7:11:27 PM) Allatwan: uhm, what e-mail account...
(7:11:34 PM) Luna: the magazine one
(7:11:38 PM) Leonardo: go@guildofmessengers.com
(7:11:46 PM) Luna: that some people seem to use
(7:12:03 PM) LostThyme: This is the first time I've ever heard of it. >_>
(7:12:04 PM) Leonardo: well it's the official one for the magazine XD
(7:12:27 PM) Leonardo: yeah...I guess theremin forgot too tell about it XD but we had it on the Go!
(7:12:44 PM) Theremin: For the sake of time, give us all a short summary of what the link is about.
(7:12:58 PM) Allatwan: OK, yeah, do that :P
(7:13:29 PM) Luna: the link I and Twan linked to is a post form someone who talked about the
way he /experienced/ the myst ages
(7:13:35 PM) Luna: * he = Aander91
(7:13:38 PM) Allatwan: yeah...
(7:13:49 PM) Allatwan: why, did I do something wrong?
(7:13:49 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: too long to read...
(7:13:53 PM) Luna: the on in the mail, I dunno
(7:14:05 PM) Luna: no, Twan you didn't
(7:14:14 PM) Allatwan: @Aaron AKA Atrus: well, my article is longer
(7:14:18 PM) Allatwan: It's four pages long
(7:14:26 PM) Leonardo: ww
(7:14:29 PM) Leonardo: *wow
(7:14:31 PM) Allatwan: and it's not even close to being finished
(7:14:39 PM) kaelis: >.>
(7:14:42 PM) Allatwan: I needed /feedback/ from other people
(7:14:43 PM) AgeExplorer: a 4 page long article yikes
(7:14:46 PM) Luna: it is on the site
(7:14:48 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: http://miburl.com/RzUI6p I don't mind reading articles in
newspaper GO.
(7:14:55 PM) Theremin: Let me first address the length issue for articles...
(7:14:56 PM) Allatwan: yeah, but nobody told me that was too long...
(7:14:56 PM) kaelis: that sounds fine to me =)
(7:15:13 PM) kaelis: 4 pages actually sounds /good/
(7:15:14 PM) Allatwan: I don't even know what's the right format or anything
(7:15:40 PM) Luna: Theremin was going to adress it
(7:15:45 PM) Luna: and he is the chief
(7:16:05 PM) Allatwan: All I want to say is that I'd love to help with the magazine, but that I need
to be told what to do and- most importantly- HOW to do it
(7:16:18 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I fell the same.
(7:16:22 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: *feel
(7:16:24 PM) Allatwan: So yeah...
(7:16:43 PM) Theremin: LOL- length is a difficult issue, but needs to be approached in a manner as
if you're writing for a TV show.
(7:16:44 PM) Allatwan: uhm, and so- what do you guys think of Aander91's reply anyway?
(7:16:57 PM) Allatwan: Is it good, not exactly what you're looking for, to be edited...
(7:18:21 PM) Theremin: You have a clearly defined length of time to tell a story, so you learn to cut
what is necessary, what doesn't move the story forward.
(7:18:34 PM) Allatwan: OK
(7:18:51 PM) kaelis: uh...
(7:19:09 PM) kaelis: magazines are not anything like tv segments >.>
(7:19:18 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Ilol
(7:19:24 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(7:19:26 PM) Allatwan: How long is "OK", though?
(7:19:26 PM) Theremin: For example, my first draft of the Clat interview was over 6000 words
(7:19:44 PM) LostThyme: :O
(7:19:48 PM) Theremin: I think it ended up being a little over a thousand.
(7:19:49 PM) AgeExplorer: wow
(7:20:16 PM) Allatwan: serious?
(7:20:17 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: How many questions?
(7:20:25 PM) Theremin: If your article is too long, people will get tired of reading it.
(7:20:37 PM) Allatwan: true
(7:20:43 PM) kaelis: Theremin: only if its uninteresting =P
(7:20:47 PM) Allatwan: That's why I was hoping to get feedback...
(7:20:54 PM) kaelis: if its /interesting/ people will enjoy reading it >.>
(7:21:08 PM) Luna: the article concerning is in the wiki
(7:21:12 PM) Allatwan: Mine is 1968 words-long so far
(7:21:17 PM) Luna: might be easier to go into more detail there
(7:21:17 PM) kaelis: *heads wikiwards*
(7:21:18 PM) Allatwan: it is?
(7:21:24 PM) Luna: yeah you pu tit there :P
(7:21:27 PM) Allatwan: Where is it though?
(7:21:29 PM) Luna: *put it
(7:21:34 PM) Theremin: Kaelis- I'll bet the original draft for any lengthy article you've read that
was interesting was probably twice as long...
(7:21:48 PM) AgeExplorer: good point
(7:21:58 PM) Leonardo: Guild Books ->Guild Business ->Newspaper Production
(7:22:04 PM) Allatwan: No offense, but I feel kind of lost on the guild's website at the momentperhaps
I just need to get used to it...
(7:22:17 PM) Leonardo: lol
(7:22:18 PM) kaelis: Theremin: i'm not overly convinced of that, and my fiance is an editor >.>
(7:22:25 PM) Luna: everyone feels lost thre
(7:22:28 PM) Theremin: So to sum up, we have no definitive length limit for the magazine.
(7:22:55 PM) Allatwan: OK
(7:23:28 PM) Leonardo: ok...next thing
(7:23:39 PM) Theremin: But make it a goal to cut half your rough draft, you'd be surprised how
much better the final result will be.
(7:23:51 PM) Allatwan: Yeah
(7:23:54 PM) Allatwan: I will
(7:24:13 PM) Allatwan: I already cut lots before posting it here...
(7:24:15 PM) Allatwan: :p
(7:24:27 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: poor twan
(7:24:31 PM) Theremin: You're off to a good start then!
(7:25:01 PM) Luna: do cut it sensible though
(7:25:04 PM) Leonardo: on the opposite side of the problem we have Mr X's Interview....with too
little words XD
(7:25:05 PM) Allatwan: what about Aander91's reply- would it be OK?
(7:25:21 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: shush leo! Mr. X
(7:25:28 PM) Luna: we already talked about that ;)
(7:25:29 PM) Allatwan: what about the Sandman interview?
(7:25:34 PM) Theremin: Let me look at aander's reply in more detail later, we can consider it.
(7:25:37 PM) Allatwan: ah, 'K
(7:25:45 PM) Luna: * about Allatwan's article
(7:25:56 PM) OHB is now known as Outsider
(7:26:31 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Sorry OHB, we've just been trying to keep the interviewee a secret
(7:26:37 PM) Leonardo: so....what were we saying?
(7:26:45 PM) LostThyme: Aw, poor OHB. We've shunned him.
(7:26:53 PM) AgeExplorer: LOL
(7:26:58 PM) Outsider: I dont really care. I'm not really paying attention anyway lol
(7:27:01 PM) Luna: and we already failed at that big time but anyway
(7:27:08 PM) Outsider: I'll prolly skim through the log later
(7:27:10 PM) Outsider is now known as OHB
(7:27:28 PM) Theremin: "Mr. X" interview- I'm putting it into the format/style I prefer, and will do
a bit of cleanup. There's enough to work on there.
(7:27:45 PM) Leonardo: oh, did you contact him?
(7:27:49 PM) Allatwan: @Theremin: uhm, what about this one:
(7:27:52 PM) Allatwan: http://myst-fanclub.deviantart.com/journal/38121819/
(7:27:59 PM) Allatwan: What do we do about it?
(7:28:05 PM) AaronAKAAtrus is now known as MrX
(7:28:09 PM) Theremin: Not yet, I'm doing some background research first.
(7:28:50 PM) Luna: let's slow down on the different topics okay
(7:28:56 PM) Luna: one topic at the time is far enough
(7:28:57 PM) Allatwan: :/
(7:29:02 PM) MrX is now known as AaronAKAAtrus
(7:29:06 PM) Stone left the room (quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client").
(7:29:27 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: so, were we on Mr. X?
(7:29:35 PM) ***Theremin smiles at Luna
(7:29:56 PM) Theremin: OK, Mr. X, unless someone has any more on him?
(7:29:57 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: OHB, do you know who Mr. X is? 'CUz i dislike this.
(7:30:12 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Ok, about Mr. X..
(7:30:20 PM) Allatwan: I don't know who Mr.X is either, but never mind...
(7:30:42 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Theremin, should it be paragraphs of inof, of individual questions
and answeres?
(7:30:46 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: *info
(7:30:47 PM) Theremin: OK, on to the Sandman interview then.
(7:30:58 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: *or
(7:31:14 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Well 'twan you're a messenger.
(7:31:21 PM) Theremin: Sorry, backtrack. Yes it should be an article, not a Q&A
(7:31:27 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: you can know. /elitest
(7:31:49 PM) Luna: it isn't very important
(7:31:50 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I was afraid you would say that >.<
(7:32:02 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: LOL Luna is right
(7:32:18 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: But i'm gettin off topic.
(7:32:23 PM) Leonardo: yes
(7:32:23 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: like always.
(7:32:24 PM) Luna: Sandman
(7:32:34 PM) Theremin: Aaron, are you wanting to complete the article, or do you prefer I put the
final tweaks on it?
(7:32:46 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Well theremin
(7:32:58 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: What do you consider "Final tweaks"?
(7:33:52 PM) Theremin: For the subject of this article, and potentially running it as the feature, I'm
going to demand that it's extremely well written...
(7:34:15 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: O.O
(7:34:27 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: well, what can i say,
(7:34:37 PM) Allatwan: Well, all articles have to be, right?
(7:34:45 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: when you get me you get high shool quality. /thumbsup
(7:34:56 PM) Theremin: There could be some hurt feelings involved, not because I don't like you,
(7:34:57 PM) LostThyme: >_<
(7:35:03 PM) Allatwan: Plus, we kind of need to have some sort of "unity" between tones and all
(7:35:04 PM) kaelis: .....>.<
(7:35:13 PM) Allatwan: lol
(7:35:19 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: ...
(7:35:20 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Lol
(7:35:25 PM) Theremin: Nothing wrong with High School quality. I have many RL editors who
demand things of me.
(7:35:27 PM) Luna: yeah we still like Szark
(7:35:28 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: i was afraid that was serious
(7:35:41 PM) Allatwan: @Theremin: be harsh with me- if it helps improving my work.
(7:35:42 PM) Luna: we butchered his article almost though
(7:36:01 PM) kaelis: Szark is awesome. =)
(7:36:01 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: ooh
(7:36:07 PM) Theremin: Yeah, Szark is OK with it though,
(7:36:08 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: well how abotu this.
(7:36:21 PM) Allatwan: wait- what happened with Szark?
(7:36:33 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Theremin, tell me what i should put togther in paragraphs and how
to organize it.
(7:36:33 PM) Theremin: He's retired.
(7:36:58 PM) Luna: He is, his article was just changed around a lot and changed back again and
rewritten stuff etc.
(7:37:05 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: From what?
(7:37:08 PM) Theremin: Will do, Aaron. We can finish this away from this discussion, then.
(7:37:15 PM) Luna: he is not working actively in the guild right now
(7:37:23 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: yes, of course.
(7:37:30 PM) Luna: it is called "Real life" actually
(7:37:37 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I might have to leave soon for lunch.
(7:38:05 PM) OHB: awwww say it isn't so
(7:38:06 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Might come back, if i don't feel scared by the editors XD
(7:38:15 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(7:38:41 PM) Theremin: No worries, Aaron, you can always tell Lunanne to put me in my place.
(7:38:43 PM) Allatwan: aw
(7:38:46 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I am the only person i know who likes ham and pickles hoagies.
(7:38:56 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: lol thanks Theremin
(7:39:03 PM) Theremin: OK, Sandman...
(7:39:23 PM) Allatwan: Yeah- that was my would-have-been article/interview :P
(7:39:33 PM) Theremin: It looks like the article has already been "published"?
(7:39:36 PM) Allatwan: But E-Derby did it and /really/ wants to be featured
(7:39:40 PM) Allatwan: yep
(7:39:48 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: E-Derby?
(7:39:55 PM) Allatwan: What do you guys think of it?
(7:40:13 PM) Theremin: Aargh. One of the things I don't want to do with the magazine is "reprint"
(7:40:25 PM) Allatwan: ah
(7:40:25 PM) Leonardo: I knew he would have said that XD
(7:40:38 PM) Luna: (btw we should cover kaelis' stuff next since it is actually kind of late/early for
(7:40:45 PM) Allatwan: She did say she wouldn't mind editing it before submitting it for the
(7:40:46 PM) Leonardo: right!
(7:40:51 PM) kaelis: ...i don't really have much to report, right now =P
(7:40:57 PM) Theremin: Then it just becomes another "forum" of stuff you can find elsewhere.
(7:41:16 PM) Theremin: OK, kaelis then...
(7:41:45 PM) Luna: okay kaelis
(7:42:01 PM) kaelis: ok, well, essentially it looks like we'll get some sort of event happening next
month with huru >.>
(7:42:02 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: yes, sorry kaelis
(7:42:05 PM) Luna: how to put this
(7:42:09 PM) Theremin: Give us a quick summary of what you're working on
(7:42:16 PM) Luna: article., please?
(7:42:18 PM) Luna: :P
(7:42:26 PM) kaelis: article, not at this time >.>
(7:42:42 PM) Theremin: No worries, possibly next issue then?
(7:43:04 PM) kaelis: hope so =P i'm feeling a lot of trepidation re: magazine articles =P
(7:43:06 PM) Luna: (it was worth a try)
(7:43:07 PM) Leonardo: I think you could write an article about the History of H'Uru...since it an
old group of Uru but is almost unknown
(7:43:17 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: ah, have to go eat lunch. how do i "idle"?
(7:43:20 PM) kaelis: Leonardo: i'll talk to the guys, and see what they think =P
(7:43:26 PM) Allatwan: Uhm, sorry to interrup but...
(7:43:31 PM) Allatwan: What is "H'Uru"?
(7:43:32 PM) kaelis: they'll have to update me on the history =)
(7:43:33 PM) Luna: you walk away from the keyboard :P
(7:43:45 PM) kaelis: Allatwan: "hacked uru" is the literal meaning =)
(7:43:47 PM) ***AaronAKAAtrus DOH!
(7:43:55 PM) kaelis: basically, the Grey Hats. >.>
(7:43:58 PM) LostThyme: Ah, now I get it
(7:44:05 PM) Allatwan: @Kaelis: thank you
(7:44:14 PM) ***AaronAKAAtrus is makeshift idling
(7:44:14 PM) kaelis: its one of the oldest groups, the greyhats are an extension =)
(7:44:43 PM) kaelis: O-o
(7:44:47 PM) Leonardo: bah
(7:44:53 PM) Theremin: Kaelis- no trepidation. I don't take any credit for the final articles, and my
goal is not only to make the magazine look exceptional, but to make the writers ("you") look
exceptional as well.
(7:45:19 PM) kaelis: Theremin: yes, I'm aware, but that sort of writing scares the pants off me =P
(7:45:27 PM) Allatwan: Agreed
(7:45:38 PM) Leonardo: oh I'm sure Ri'ana can help you :D
(7:45:48 PM) kaelis: Leonardo: yeah, you're probably right >.>
(7:45:59 PM) kaelis: still scaaary >.>
(7:46:02 PM) Theremin: Just write your articles, we'll help you when you're finished :)
(7:46:03 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(7:46:19 PM) kaelis: Theremin: i'll be fine once i start, my fiance is a professional editor =)
(7:46:28 PM) kaelis: its the actual writing bit that's the trouble =P
(7:46:37 PM) Theremin: What type of editing does she do?
(7:47:17 PM) Allatwan: barely related question: what is the typical "format" our articles need to
(7:47:29 PM) Allatwan: Since we're talking about editing...
(7:47:50 PM) kaelis: her specific degree is "english with emphasis on professional writing" and
she's been doing some research, uh, how do i put it... research papers/etc for some PhD graduates
(7:48:50 PM) Theremin: OK, maybe when I address the question about the "format", it'll help you if
you approach her and say- "this is what the butcher is looking for".
(7:49:14 PM) Theremin: ...I mean "the editor"...
(7:49:20 PM) Allatwan: lol
(7:49:32 PM) kaelis: Theremin: rightio =P
(7:49:34 PM) Allatwan: OK :)
(7:49:40 PM) Theremin: OK, format...
(7:50:00 PM) Theremin: No opinion pieces, letters to the editor, that sort of thing.
(7:50:34 PM) Theremin: A few opinions are OK from time to time, but don't make the articles
about what you think of a subject
(7:50:34 PM) Allatwan: Opinion pieces...
(7:50:46 PM) Allatwan: OK, good
(7:50:59 PM) Luna: not like blogs or so
(7:51:08 PM) Theremin: Make them about the subject, let readers draw their own conclusions
(7:51:09 PM) Allatwan: That kind of scared me there as that was... kind of what my article was
(7:51:26 PM) Luna: your's is fine on that point
(7:51:34 PM) Allatwan: Is it OK if they are used as an example?
(7:51:56 PM) Allatwan: Since mine is about memories and how that influences the fact one likes or
dislikes an Age...
(7:52:15 PM) Theremin: Sure, but avoid the "some people, many people, it's been said, etc." type of
(7:52:26 PM) Allatwan: ah- OK
(7:52:33 PM) Allatwan: I'll remember that
(7:52:41 PM) Theremin: Avoid rhetoric.
(7:52:53 PM) Leonardo: AgeExplorer got an idea for an article to write
(7:52:59 PM) Allatwan: [ouch]
(7:53:05 PM) AgeExplorer: yes I did
(7:53:15 PM) kaelis: awesome, Age =)
(7:53:19 PM) Theremin: AE- hold that thought...
(7:53:24 PM) AgeExplorer: okay
(7:54:13 PM) Theremin: Keep the articles "short", which is a relative term. Make the reader wish
the article was longer, rather than stopping halfway through.
(7:54:38 PM) Allatwan: :/
(7:54:51 PM) Theremin: Avoind multi-part articles, it's a personal preference, I hate them.
(7:55:08 PM) Allatwan: what do you mean by multi-part?
(7:55:20 PM) Luna: articles spread about multiple issues
(7:55:30 PM) Theremin: Nothing worse than picking up an old magazine, reading an exceptional
article, only to discover there's more that I can't find!
(7:55:42 PM) Allatwan: ah, OK
(7:57:05 PM) Theremin: (not as much of a problem these days with the internet, but old habits die
hard. [<-RHETORIC ALERT!!]
(7:57:25 PM) Luna: okay I think that was all on format?
(7:57:34 PM) Allatwan: yup
(7:57:37 PM) Theremin: One last thing-
(7:57:44 PM) Allatwan: I think my article's dead by now ^^
(7:57:52 PM) Luna: (me is trying to keep this meeting shorter then 3 hours)
(7:57:55 PM) Allatwan: I'll think of another one...
(7:58:00 PM) Leonardo: thx Luna
(7:58:05 PM) Allatwan: lol
(7:58:06 PM) Luna: just wait and see Twan
(7:58:06 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(7:58:20 PM) Theremin: I prefer to publish articles that haven't already been published.
(7:58:24 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: BACK!
(7:58:24 PM) Allatwan: @Luna: I broke several major "guidelines"
(7:58:38 PM) Leonardo: wb Pokemon
(7:58:42 PM) Luna: (I don't think so)
(7:58:44 PM) Allatwan: @Theremin: OK- I won't tell e-derby though
(7:58:45 PM) Luna: wb
(7:58:45 PM) kaelis: guidelines are made to be broken >.>
(7:58:47 PM) Theremin: Allatwan, articles can be rewritten with these things in mind. Don't give
(7:58:59 PM) Allatwan: I don't want her to be dispointed :/
(7:59:16 PM) Luna: okay we done that
(7:59:21 PM) Luna: AE
(7:59:27 PM) Leonardo: brb
(7:59:27 PM) Theremin: Allatwan, let's discuss this later, I'm not adverse to the idea yet.
(7:59:36 PM) Luna: tell something about your article
(7:59:43 PM) Theremin: AE, yes!
(7:59:44 PM) Allatwan: @Theremin: no prob
(7:59:50 PM) Allatwan: oh yeah!
(7:59:51 PM) Allatwan: :D
(7:59:55 PM) Allatwan: We wanna know!
(8:00:16 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: thanks
(8:00:22 PM) AgeExplorer: Alright my idea was to do an opinionated article on the Greeter
situation. I wanted to interview greeters and get opinions from each of them.
(8:00:36 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: i skimmed through, miss anything major?
(8:00:54 PM) Luna: (no not really aaron, just read the log back later)
(8:00:56 PM) AgeExplorer: I talked to dadguy about it and he likes the idea
(8:01:13 PM) AgeExplorer: He is the one active greeter now
(8:01:15 PM) Theremin: AE, this can be tricky, but if you feel really really passionate about doing
the article...
(8:01:26 PM) kaelis: make sure you interview tai'lahr and rachel =P
(8:01:29 PM) Luna: I think we should do it
(8:02:00 PM) Luna: even when it is not a /newspaper/ we could still strive to bring background
information on news
(8:02:06 PM) AgeExplorer: I talked with Leonardo at length about it and outlined how I would
handle it. I can also talk to you about this Theremin and basically give you an idea of what I have
in mind.
(8:02:13 PM) ***AaronAKAAtrus plays Jeopardy music
(8:02:25 PM) Theremin: You would need to write it as an aricle about the greeters, keeping in mind
that what you write about shouldn't require an intimate knowledge of current events.
(8:02:49 PM) kaelis: i feel writing it as an article on the greeters in general would cheapen it
(8:03:01 PM) Leonardo: back
(8:03:38 PM) kaelis: there's a very real opportunity to discuss a very interesting issue, a very
relevant issue >.>
(8:03:39 PM) AgeExplorer: Yes that is exactly how I wanted to handle it. But I feel passionately
about it and think it is an important issue for the community as a whole. I am hoping addressing
in an article will be a nice way to give everyone a voice on how they feel.
(8:03:46 PM) kaelis: not just generic stuff =P
(8:04:31 PM) AgeExplorer: It will be completely up to the reader to decide from the opinions how
they feel so the article itself will not offend any particular group
(8:04:41 PM) LostThyme: I think the article is an interesting idea
(8:04:50 PM) LostThyme: It's something I would like to read
(8:05:07 PM) Theremin: Forums are the place for discussions, the magazine is the place for articles.
In order to establish what's going on currently with the Greeters, the reader will need something
to compare it to, hence the "history".
(8:05:34 PM) kaelis: the history is known to almost everyone =P
(8:05:44 PM) kaelis: as you said, short articles >.>
(8:05:46 PM) Luna: I wouldn't assume that
(8:05:49 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: it IS?
(8:05:52 PM) Theremin: We can't presume they do.
(8:06:03 PM) AgeExplorer: Well if I include history which can easily be found in other places the
article would be way too long
(8:06:13 PM) kaelis: indeed, AgeExplorer =)
(8:06:21 PM) LostThyme: I would need a bit of background. I'm not good at keeping up with those
things. You could just do a paragraph or so of history
(8:06:22 PM) Theremin: Someone picking up the article in a couple of years may have no idea.
(8:06:24 PM) Luna: a short introduction on the greeters and the fact that they were sort of cyan
sanctioned when they started should be thre
(8:06:29 PM) Luna: *there
(8:06:36 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: un-indeed! they could skip it of they wish
(8:06:42 PM) Luna: just a paragraph
(8:06:47 PM) LostThyme: You need to keep your info in context
(8:06:48 PM) AgeExplorer: The article is intended to address current issues and will draw on
opinions of greeters and also opinions from a small selection of explorers
(8:06:53 PM) kaelis: Theremin: note that info covered in easily and publicly accessible places really
shouldn't need to be repeated
(8:07:04 PM) Polgara [~4db53434@ircip4.mibbit.com] entered the room.
(8:07:10 PM) Leonardo: Shorah Polgara
(8:07:11 PM) LostThyme: Hello, Polgara
(8:07:11 PM) Luna: Hi Polgara
(8:07:15 PM) kaelis: hi, Polgara
(8:07:17 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I'm with Lin on this
(8:07:19 PM) Polgara: Hi everyboy
(8:07:21 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: *Luna
(8:07:24 PM) AgeExplorer: shorah Polgara
(8:07:25 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Hi polgara
(8:07:30 PM) Leonardo: I like very much the idea too
(8:08:05 PM) Luna: okay that enough on the greeter' article?
(8:08:10 PM) Leonardo: Having a paragraph of history, plus a link if you want to know more and
then go on with the subject
(8:08:24 PM) AgeExplorer: yeah thats a good idea Leo
(8:08:31 PM) kaelis: Leonardo: great idea =)
(8:08:36 PM) Polgara: Me too
(8:09:01 PM) Theremin: AE, let's consider some options, we'll discuss what it is you'd like to do,
and how we can make it work in the magazine.
(8:09:06 PM) Allatwan: hello Polgara
(8:09:13 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: good Leonardo.
(8:09:48 PM) AgeExplorer: I will talk with you about this Theremin. I just wanted to present the
idea to everyone at meeting so we could get opinions and relevant input.
(8:09:57 PM) Theremin: AE, we'll do it away from this meeting! :)
(8:10:08 PM) AgeExplorer: agreed
(8:11:08 PM) AgeExplorer: I'll pm you on URU Live Forums and we can come up with where we
will discuss
(8:11:40 PM) Leonardo: or GoMe...it doesn't have a limit of PMs and they are structured like a
(8:11:53 PM) AgeExplorer: true that works as well
(8:12:00 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Leo, shameless plug
(8:12:07 PM) kaelis: ...?
(8:12:07 PM) Luna: aaanyway
(8:12:08 PM) Leonardo: yes :D
(8:12:13 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(8:12:16 PM) AgeExplorer: :)
(8:12:20 PM) kaelis: its the gome meetings, gome site stuff isn't a shameless plug >.>
(8:12:25 PM) Leonardo: yes Theremin
(8:12:33 PM) Theremin: (sorry, caps-lock!)
(8:13:32 PM) kaelis: moving on!
(8:13:33 PM) LostThyme: be back in a little bit
(8:13:53 PM) Allatwan: ...
(8:14:08 PM) kaelis: (i really don't care either way, so =P)
(8:14:22 PM) Leonardo: ok....can I present an idea...which actually came up from an little accident?
(8:14:24 PM) Luna: okay moving on
(8:15:12 PM) Theremin: Leo?
(8:15:19 PM) Leonardo: we have an article sitting in the Go email
(8:15:31 PM) Leonardo: it's not really an article
(8:15:40 PM) Theremin: Ah, I haven't checked for months. what is it?
(:15:59 PM) Leonardo: it's more of an Explorer insight on the Theme of the Magazine
(8:16:10 PM) Allatwan: brb
(8:16:25 PM) Leonardo: In the latest days I've been going around the Cavern making a sort of poll
(8:16:40 PM) Leonardo: asking the same questions you asked on the MOUL forum and others too
(8:16:49 PM) Theremin: ?
(8:17:03 PM) Leonardo: among the questions was the one about being interested in writing in the
(8:17:32 PM) Leonardo: well DaVinci was interested and he sent his thoughts about the Theme of
the Magazine...
(8:17:42 PM) Leonardo: which is RealLife and Myst
(8:17:48 PM) ***Theremin listens
(8:18:27 PM) Leonardo: well...that doesn't fits well with the format of our magazine...but maybe we
could make a section of quotes from the explorers about their thoughts about it
(8:18:49 PM) Leonardo: I mean....their experiences of Links between Myst and RL
(8:18:50 PM) Theremin: Thoughts about what exactly?
(8:19:16 PM) Luna: didn't we have something like that in a test version of the layout?
(8:19:24 PM) Leonardo: just a thought I had when I saw DaVinci's article...since it's not very long
and is a lot personal
(8:19:25 PM) Allatwan: back
(8:19:30 PM) Theremin: Ah, got it. Hmmm... I could see this possibly being an interesting article.
(8:19:44 PM) Luna: bu tjust thoughts could be interesting too
(8:19:51 PM) ***AaronAKAAtrus ha sto leave fpr real this time
(8:20:00 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Bye all, see you later
(8:20:07 PM) AgeExplorer: bye Pokemon
(8:20:07 PM) Leonardo: if you like it I can go on with my poll in MystOnline and invite others to
send their experiences to our email
(8:20:10 PM) Theremin: Thanks Aaron, shorah!
(8:20:12 PM) Polgara: Bye Aaron
(8:20:12 PM) Luna: more people who can go "cool, look I am in the GoMe mag"
(8:20:28 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(8:20:29 PM) Theremin: LOL @luna
(8:20:35 PM) Leonardo: LOL
(8:20:43 PM) Allatwan: Uhm, just wondering...
(8:20:56 PM) AaronAKAAtrus left the room (quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC
(8:20:59 PM) Luna: ?
(8:20:59 PM) Theremin: I could see it being a nice ending article.
(8:21:04 PM) Leonardo: aahhhh..FINALLY
(8:21:08 PM) Allatwan: should the articles be written from an OOC POV or an IC POV?
(8:21:21 PM) OHB: HAHA
(8:21:22 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(8:21:22 PM) Leonardo: I think both are ok
(8:21:24 PM) Allatwan: @Leonardo: what?
(8:21:26 PM) Luna: can be both
(8:21:32 PM) Leonardo: OHB?
(8:21:34 PM) Allatwan: Oh
(8:21:40 PM) Theremin: @allatwan either, as long as it's clear to the reader which perspective is
being presented
(8:21:41 PM) AgeExplorer: :P
(8:21:42 PM) Luna: I write more from IC
(8:21:44 PM) kaelis: ...both... in one mag? O-o
(8:21:54 PM) Luna: for example but other articles are OOC
(8:22:32 PM) Allatwan: I was wondering, since I figured that although most things should be kept
IC... there might be interesting stuff to write OOC
(8:22:47 PM) Luna: nah doesn't matter
(8:22:54 PM) Theremin: The interviews are all OOC
(8:23:22 PM) Allatwan: That I knew...
(8:23:35 PM) Allatwan: but I was talking about the articles as in...
(8:23:45 PM) Allatwan: I don't know how to explain this :P
(8:23:54 PM) Theremin: Give it a try...
(8:24:02 PM) Allatwan: Does having OOC content ruin the mood/tone of the magazine?
(8:24:13 PM) Theremin: No.
(8:24:41 PM) Theremin: As I said prior to the first issue, I want this to appeal to "outsiders" as well.
(8:24:59 PM) Luna: the last issue had both
(8:25:06 PM) AgeExplorer: Yeah and also discussing activities of GoW would be OOC
(8:25:13 PM) Luna: although I guess the IC stuff was maybe not very obviously IC
(8:25:18 PM) Theremin: So a reader who doesn't have iknowledge of the D'niverse wouldn't feel
totally lost.
(8:25:45 PM) Allatwan: OK, perfect
(8:25:55 PM) Allatwan: Uhm, one last thing- if I may ask...
(8:26:00 PM) ***Theremin secretly hopes to lure a few unsuspecting outsiders into the game...
(8:26:18 PM) Allatwan: [I'm sorry, but as Luna and LostThyme already know, I ask too many
(8:26:28 PM) Allatwan: Does anybody here know sheetmusic?
(8:26:55 PM) Luna: where did the topic go?
(8:26:56 PM) Allatwan: Or is interested in music and knows enough about it to talk about rythm,
pitch, and things like that?
(8:26:57 PM) Theremin: Do you want to write a musical theme for the magazine?
(8:27:02 PM) Allatwan: Yeah
(8:27:09 PM) LostThyme left the room (quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client").
(8:27:13 PM) Allatwan: But I don't feel like I'm the right person to do that
(8:27:32 PM) ***Luna starts looking for the topic
(8:27:43 PM) ***Leonardo helps Luna
(8:27:46 PM) Allatwan: Which is why I was wondering if somebody else, who might be "the right
person" for that kind of thing would be interested by this idea
(8:27:50 PM) Theremin: LOL- what are you asking allatwan?
(8:27:53 PM) Allatwan: if not, just forget it
(8:28:14 PM) Theremin: An idea for an article about D'ni music?
(8:28:16 PM) Allatwan: if anyone's interested in writing an article about the games' soundtracks
(8:28:19 PM) Leonardo: eh I good only at listening at music XD
(8:28:19 PM) Allatwan: yeah
(8:28:23 PM) Allatwan: why not?
(8:28:26 PM) AgeExplorer: :)
(8:28:39 PM) Allatwan: How is that off-topic?
(8:28:40 PM) kaelis: ohhhh... that sounds like a great idea, Allatwan =)
(8:28:48 PM) kaelis: why don't you give it a shot =)
(8:28:58 PM) Allatwan: Yeah, but I'd like it to be /good/...
(8:29:08 PM) Theremin: No reason, but since you brought up the idea, you get to write the article.
(Theremin's secret rule fo the magazine #1)
(8:29:14 PM) Allatwan: with the right references and technical stuff
(8:29:21 PM) Allatwan: ah
(8:29:25 PM) Allatwan: :P
(8:29:28 PM) Allatwan: OK, then
(8:29:29 PM) kaelis: >.>
(8:29:30 PM) Luna: your ideas were goooooooddd
(8:29:35 PM) Luna: like I told youu
(8:29:40 PM) Allatwan: noooo
(8:29:41 PM) kaelis: great idea, seriously, Allatwan =)
(8:29:52 PM) LostThyme [~44717bbf@ircip4.mibbit.com] entered the room.
(8:29:55 PM) Polgara: sounds great
(8:30:00 PM) LostThyme: Okay, I'm back
(8:30:01 PM) kaelis: welcome back, LostThyme =)
(8:30:04 PM) Theremin: Do a rough outline and see if someone wants to collaborate with you. It
sounds like a fascinating article.
(8:30:04 PM) Allatwan: hello again, Thyme :)
(8:30:06 PM) LostThyme: thanks
(8:30:17 PM) Allatwan: I already got a rough outline
(8:30:44 PM) Allatwan: It was what I thought I'd write, months before I decided to do the Sandman
interview instead
(8:30:51 PM) Allatwan: and then gave up on that one too :p
(8:31:04 PM) Theremin: I did an interview with Turjan a few years back, maybe post a thread and
ask if any musicians are inteested.
(8:31:09 PM) Allatwan: Well, I'll think about it
(8:31:17 PM) Allatwan: Oh yeah, good idea!
(8:31:25 PM) Allatwan: I'll do that!
(8:31:31 PM) Allatwan: Thanks, Theremin
(8:31:33 PM) Allatwan: ^^
(8:32:11 PM) Leonardo: any other subject for the Magazine?
(8:32:22 PM) Theremin: OK, how about a current status breakdown on the mag then?
(8:32:23 PM) Leonardo: Polgara didn't you mention something on the forums?
(8:32:25 PM) Luna: okay next topic?
(8:32:35 PM) Luna: there are several articles in the wiki
(8:32:53 PM) Polgara: Oh yes - what do you think about this picture?
(8:32:55 PM) Luna: but not a lot of people have commented
(8:33:12 PM) Polgara: I like this sort of puzzles.
(8:33:35 PM) Theremin: Picture?
(8:33:40 PM) Allatwan: What picture?
(8:33:49 PM) ***Theremin likes pictures for the mag.
(8:33:59 PM) Leonardo: I think she means this one:
(8:34:24 PM) Polgara: It's sort of a puzzle. DerMoni has put some items into a screenshot which
don't belong there.
(8:34:31 PM) Polgara: You have to find them.
(8:35:05 PM) Polgara: Like pellets in Teledahn or so
(8:35:18 PM) AgeExplorer: Oh that would be wonderful to have visual puzzles in magazine
(8:35:42 PM) Polgara: The problem is the solution.
(8:35:46 PM) Theremin: Yeah, I like that idea!
(8:36:02 PM) Polgara: In the moment I can only get it with a link to another PDF.
(8:36:07 PM) Luna: put the solution on the last page or so?
(8:36:09 PM) AgeExplorer: We love puzzles :)
(8:36:18 PM) Polgara: True :)
(8:36:21 PM) Luna: or just in text
(8:36:28 PM) Theremin: OK, here would be the deal if we're going to publish it in the mag,
(8:37:13 PM) Luna: there is the issue of the people who use the text only version
(8:37:14 PM) Theremin: We would have to have "first publication" rights. Can't be posted
somewhere else first and...
(8:37:43 PM) Luna: use : http://www.guildofmessengers.com/en/book/picture-puzzle
(8:38:18 PM) Polgara: in text version can be a hint so thex can decide to dwonload it or not.
(8:38:36 PM) Polgara: Grrr - typing problems
(8:39:26 PM) Theremin: in this case, I'm thinking a link to the solution rather than publishing it- not
sure about that though.
(8:39:45 PM) Polgara: First publication: I have to ask if he'll make a new one for the Mag, old ones
are all published.
(8:40:45 PM) Polgara: The solution would be a second file which will be opened when clicking the
solution link in the Mag
(8:41:55 PM) Polgara: Don't know another way in the moment.
(8:42:45 PM) Theremin: Definitely a good idea, let's make it work. Ask if he'll do a new one, once
we publish the mag, he can do whatever he wants with it.
(8:43:25 PM) Theremin: We'll credit him accordingly however he wants, as well. Like we do with
the photos.
(8:43:43 PM) Leonardo: Ok, next topic?
(8:43:47 PM) Polgara: OK, hope he'll do it. I told him that (credits) already.
(8:44:33 PM) Leonardo: if there aren't other points I'd jump to the next topic then
(8:44:45 PM) Theremin: Go Leo!
(8:45:19 PM) Leonardo: ok...Sometime ago Nanouk posted an idea on the MOUL forums about the
HIstory of the Guilds
(8:45:37 PM) Theremin: IC or OOC?
(8:46:09 PM) Leonardo: OOC - that, in conjunction with Whil's article and the following
discussion, made me realize we lost our history actually
(8:46:41 PM) Allatwan: sounds cool
(8:46:41 PM) Leonardo: in the sense that we barely rememeber how the Guild was formed, who did
(8:46:59 PM) Theremin: Sounds good so far...
(8:47:30 PM) Leonardo: I've been thinking of trying to write a page in our website with our history
and mirror it on DPWR
(8:47:55 PM) AgeExplorer: I love the idea already
(8:48:07 PM) Leonardo: so I someone wants to help me finding the infos around the MOUL and
our own forum...I'd appreciate it XD
(8:48:17 PM) Theremin: Are you thinking a magazine article, a posting, or both?
(8:48:25 PM) AgeExplorer: I will help you with that
(8:48:26 PM) LostThyme: I like the idea
(8:48:31 PM) Luna: a history I think
(8:48:37 PM) Leonardo: no...just a Document on the website....but if you want to publish it too....
(8:48:44 PM) kaelis: awesome idea =)
(8:48:50 PM) Luna: not necessarily in the magazine but just in the insa- wiki
(8:49:15 PM) Theremin: hehe, you'd have to publish it first before you put it on the webpage...
(8:49:25 PM) Leonardo: I have already PMed, Lynnutte, Andros and Shimmerillion...all of them
replied but gave just some little hints here and there
(8:50:07 PM) Theremin: Great idea, regardless of where it's published. Would this be exclusive our
guild, or all of them?
(8:50:13 PM) Leonardo: so we need to forget for a moment that we are Messengers and start
thinking as Archivers to find our history in all the posts arounds
(8:50:43 PM) AgeExplorer: :)
(8:51:07 PM) Leonardo: I thought of just our own Guild. The idea came up because in Whil's
discussion it became evident that the current members of the Guild have no idea of what were the
initial agreements with the Affiliates
(8:51:54 PM) Theremin: Hmmm... me suddenly starts thinking about breaking the rules
(8:52:03 PM) Leonardo: O.o
(8:52:11 PM) kaelis: ...huh?
(8:52:17 PM) Leonardo: for what theremin? XD
(8:52:34 PM) AgeExplorer: ?!
(8:52:40 PM) LostThyme: I would like to read a history of the Guild. I don't know how it got
(8:52:48 PM) Theremin: OK, remember I'm a bit jealous about the magazine, so here's what
occured to me...
(8:53:01 PM) Allatwan: hahah
(8:53:19 PM) kaelis: ...?
(8:53:37 PM) Theremin: I think an article about the history of the messengers would be cool in the
mag, perhaps make our theme for the nect issue "history"
(8:53:39 PM) AgeExplorer: um
(8:53:49 PM) kaelis: err... whut?>
(8:54:01 PM) Luna: uh no
(8:54:18 PM) Leonardo: oh that's possible...it would also fit with Kaelis article about H'Uru :D
(8:54:34 PM) Theremin: But, the rule-breaking would come in where we would do articles on all
the guilds, but publish them in separate issues
(8:54:35 PM) Luna: but let's focus on this issue
(8:54:36 PM) kaelis: i think we should really focus on THIS issue before we start theming next
(8:54:42 PM) AgeExplorer: yes it would
(8:54:51 PM) Luna: I mean I think we all want it published before spring
(8:54:55 PM) Luna: which is 21 march
(8:55:02 PM) Luna: and we haven't got that much
(8:55:33 PM) ***Theremin cowers under the onslaught of Luna's whip, whimpering...
(8:55:35 PM) Luna: and there might be other guild stuff we have to talk about (doesn't know what
is on the agenda)
(8:55:45 PM) Luna: and it has been two hours already
(8:55:58 PM) Theremin: OK, good idea. I'm done with it.
(8:56:14 PM) Leonardo: ok
(8:56:40 PM) Leonardo: it was just give you an idea of what I want to do and get some help :)
(8:56:42 PM) Leonardo: now...
(8:56:53 PM) Leonardo: oh yes, Structure document
(8:57:10 PM) Leonardo: I think many of us know about that is happening with the GoG
(8:57:25 PM) Leonardo: I took some ideas from the discussions
(8:57:58 PM) Leonardo: and realized that there is one point in our structure document that is not
explicit, and another one that is not covered at all
(8:58:35 PM) Luna: guild masters refusing to leave?
(8:58:43 PM) Leonardo: yeah...related
(8:58:58 PM) Theremin: Do you have a proposal?
(8:59:07 PM) Leonardo: almost
(8:59:32 PM) Leonardo: The rules have already been changed last year to give the Guild the
"power" and take it fomr the Council
(9:00:12 PM) Leonardo: I'd just want to point out somewhere in our document that with that power
the guild members can invoke the elections of the guild masters at any time
(9:00:37 PM) Luna: aha make it specific
(9:00:40 PM) Leonardo: this is the point that is not explicit
(9:01:19 PM) Theremin: Here is what I would propose-
(9:01:51 PM) Leonardo: well...in the ipothetical (spelling?) scenario where the Council moves in
the different direction than the one wanted by the members...they have the power call elections
(9:02:26 PM) Theremin: Good idea, however...
(9:02:43 PM) Theremin: We need to put some limits on this ability.
(9:03:09 PM) Theremin: And also lessen the likelihood of this needing to happen.
(9:03:14 PM) Luna: yeah, I guess that with the current thing going at the greeters it should be
spelled out
(9:03:29 PM) AgeExplorer: yeah checks and balances are good
(9:03:48 PM) Theremin: Some of this is already in place, but for the sake of clarity, I may repeat
some stuff.
(9:03:55 PM) Luna: I mean I don't see it happening with our guild but just to be on the safe side
(9:04:16 PM) Leonardo: Theremin I think that the likelihood for this to happen is already very low
since the Council doesn't have any real power other than being in change of representing the
(9:04:29 PM) Luna: just clearly state "When a majority of the active guild members calls for new
elections, there will be new elections" just plain and simple
(9:04:32 PM) AgeExplorer: I don't see it happening either.
(9:04:36 PM) Theremin: First, I would suggest a clearly defined term, 6 months, 1 year, whatever.
(9:04:50 PM) Luna: no I wouldn't do that
(9:04:53 PM) Leonardo: yes, that is exactly my idea Luna. Just to be on the safe side...just to spell
it out in this period
(9:05:15 PM) Polgara: You have to define active members
(9:05:27 PM) Theremin: (this would negate the need for the mahority to call for an election in some
(9:05:34 PM) Leonardo: Theremin a term is EXACTLY the next point I was going to talk about XD
we forgot about it when we organized elections XD
(9:06:19 PM) Theremin: Secondly, I would also impose term limits (sort of), but of this nature...
(9:06:33 PM) Leonardo: uhm....you're right. Defining active members...
(9:06:33 PM) Luna: I am not sure of a term
(9:06:47 PM) kaelis: i doubt one should impose term limits at all
(9:06:54 PM) Leonardo: one problem at a time...let's consider the term later
(9:06:57 PM) kaelis: no reason to bar a good leader from running again
(9:07:03 PM) Theremin: Say, no one can serve more than 2 terms (or whatever) in sequence, but
can server a term after being out for a specified time
(9:07:09 PM) AgeExplorer: Yeah I agree
(9:07:10 PM) kaelis: Theremin: that's insane!
(9:07:14 PM) Luna: I seem to remember deciding as guild not to hold an election because no one
new would be running for council member
(9:07:20 PM) AgeExplorer: No I don't agree with Theremin
(9:07:28 PM) AgeExplorer: I agree with Kaelis
(9:07:29 PM) kaelis: no need for that in a volunteer organisation
(9:07:32 PM) Leonardo: I don't like it either Theremin
(9:07:42 PM) Luna: if someone gets the majorty of vote, he/she should be in
(9:07:44 PM) kaelis: hell, some governements (australis for example) don't have that, either
(9:07:50 PM) Luna: * top two votes I mean
(9:07:52 PM) kaelis: *australia
(9:08:09 PM) Luna: with the low amount of people who actually run for a council position it would
just be .... bad
(9:08:15 PM) kaelis: indeed
(9:08:22 PM) Theremin: Stick with me on this... there's a reason...
(9:08:23 PM) AgeExplorer: very true
(9:08:36 PM) kaelis: and a term is also possibly unnecessary, if the "guild" can call for an election
at any time
(9:08:50 PM) Luna: we would either end up with no eletions at all (just two people running) or
even worse, just one person...
(9:08:52 PM) kaelis: Theremin: there's no possible good reason for it =P
(9:08:55 PM) Leonardo: yes...good point Kaelis
(9:09:05 PM) AgeExplorer: yeah I don't think terms should be imposed
(9:09:05 PM) Allatwan: when does a guild usually run elections?
(9:09:18 PM) Luna: every 6 months we discuss it
(9:09:22 PM) Allatwan: I mean, how often?
(9:09:33 PM) Leonardo: we don't know Twan XD that's partially the point of this discussion
(9:09:50 PM) Luna: in the guild whether new elections are necessary
(9:09:57 PM) Leonardo: yeah, ok 6 months is the actual habit we have
(9:10:25 PM) AaronAKAAtrus [~44504f65@ircip4.mibbit.com] entered the room.
(9:10:26 PM) Luna: every year I guess we keep actual elections, maybe
(9:10:37 PM) Luna: at least that is how it turned out now
(9:10:40 PM) Leonardo: yes more or less
(9:10:50 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Hi, I'm back (not for very long)
(9:10:58 PM) Leonardo: wb Pokemon
(9:11:10 PM) AgeExplorer: wb
(9:11:10 PM) Polgara: wb
(9:11:34 PM) Leonardo: mmmh is Theremin writing a Poem for us? XD
(9:11:34 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(9:12:00 PM) Theremin: LOL- no. Just knowing when to shut up!
(9:12:11 PM) Allatwan: :/
(9:12:21 PM) Leonardo: ah XD
(9:12:44 PM) Leonardo: mmmh, ok.
(9:13:12 PM) Luna: okay so proposed change is simpy stating that a majority of active members
can call elections
(9:13:38 PM) Luna: active members being , people who did something in the guild in the last
(9:13:56 PM) Leonardo: With the elections thing in mind...calling for elections becomes fairly easy,
but maybe we should just state somewhere that periodically the GMs take up the elections subject
during the meetings so the Guild can decide if it's time
(9:14:10 PM) Luna: okay yeah I think we should keep doing that
(9:14:22 PM) Luna: as people might find it a hard subject to start on
(9:14:47 PM) Theremin: I can see problems with that, but I'll be quiet...
(9:15:02 PM) Luna: there are problems with everything
(9:15:23 PM) Luna: okay that done?
(9:15:36 PM) Leonardo: yes, I think
(9:16:08 PM) Leonardo: I'll post the proposed words to add
(9:16:10 PM) Allatwan: So wait, have we covered everything concerning the magazine yet?
(9:16:11 PM) Leonardo: on the forum
(9:16:23 PM) Leonardo: uhm...yes unless you have something to say XD
(9:16:36 PM) Luna: I think so
(9:16:49 PM) Luna: not everything on the greeters though
(9:17:11 PM) AgeExplorer: No but I will discuss that with Theremin
(9:17:32 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: wait, so I came back at theend of the meeting?
(9:18:03 PM) Leonardo: And I just wanted to invite all the Messengers to go in the Cavern and
make people see we exist XD Maybe talking to random people, informing them
(9:18:03 PM) AgeExplorer: YAY!!!
(9:18:14 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I'll skip that
(9:18:16 PM) Leonardo: that's what I did mainly in my poll around the cavern
(9:19:18 PM) Leonardo: anything else someone would like to talk about?
(9:19:31 PM) Luna: uh I thought maybe we could ask the grey hats to upload kimail
(9:19:41 PM) Luna: since that would be easier then type them in game
(9:20:03 PM) Luna: maybe
(9:20:04 PM) ***Leonardo pokes OHB
(9:20:08 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(9:20:14 PM) OHB: yes?
(9:20:21 PM) Leonardo: read a couple of lines above XD
(9:20:59 PM) ***OHB reads
(9:21:04 PM) Luna: I mean in a perfect MOUla we would have a kimail sending GoMebot, but we
have to do with what we have
(9:21:12 PM) Leonardo: yeah
(9:21:21 PM) Leonardo: OH!!!! Luna you just reminded me of something
(9:21:28 PM) OHB: oh sure i can paste text into a note for you
(9:21:37 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: BabelBot
(9:21:44 PM) Leonardo: In the poll I was asking about what people would improve in the GoMe
(9:21:50 PM) Luna: no, KI-sending bot
(9:22:01 PM) Luna: babelbot doesn't work for ki mail
(9:22:06 PM) OHB: yes it does
(9:22:08 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: No- Copy-and-paste babelbot
(9:22:11 PM) Luna: really?
(9:22:15 PM) Luna: didn't know that
(9:22:19 PM) Leonardo: EVERYONE told me they wanted a kind of central place ot get the News,
Cavern Criers are a lot "hit and miss" as someone defined it
(9:22:20 PM) OHB: yeah you can use babelbot to C&P text into a textnote :)
(9:22:21 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I didn;t hink so, i gues
(9:22:31 PM) OHB: but you want a ki sender bot?
(9:22:49 PM) Luna: well a permanent cavern crier in the GoMe bevin
(9:23:02 PM) Luna: would technically solve that problem
(9:23:06 PM) Leonardo: ehehhe would be wonderful...
(9:23:07 PM) Theremin: I think we want a central place to post the news?
(9:23:22 PM) Leonardo: yes Thermin..but In Cavern
(9:23:23 PM) Theremin: Problem is getting the news?
(9:23:30 PM) AgeExplorer: I like these ideas
(9:23:32 PM) OHB: well, sending KI mail is easy
(9:23:36 PM) Luna: getting news in cavern
(9:23:36 PM) Leonardo: the problem is indeed getting the NEws from within the Cavern
(9:23:38 PM) OHB: but there are other issues to address
(9:23:49 PM) OHB: for example: who gets the ki mail?
(9:24:03 PM) Luna: the person addressing the bot
(9:24:08 PM) Luna: who asks for them
(9:24:14 PM) AgeExplorer: yeah that would be really cool
(9:24:32 PM) Luna: they get a distribution list and then they tell which letter they want
(9:24:42 PM) OHB: if you want a bot stationed somewhere then it costs money.
(9:24:56 PM) AgeExplorer: true very very true
(9:24:57 PM) Leonardo: the idea came up at first when Kaelis proposed a Guild Age..I proposed
imagers with a Download feature
(9:25:45 PM) Luna: a nexus like machine with KI mail would be fun too
(9:25:50 PM) Leonardo: XD
(9:26:00 PM) OHB: all of these things would be FUN but none of them are possible
(9:26:09 PM) OHB: including an imager with a download feature
(9:26:20 PM) kaelis: OHB: possible, not in moulagain =P
(9:26:21 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: well that one seems the least possible
(9:26:29 PM) kaelis: it is, just not in moul again right now.
(9:26:33 PM) OHB: but we're talking about moulagain, therefore not possible
(9:26:33 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I want it too though.. thought about it earlier today
(9:26:36 PM) Luna: we are messengers, OHB , we are used to talking about things that aren't
possible irl
(9:26:41 PM) Luna: we are used to talking a lot :P
(9:26:57 PM) OHB: here are your choices as i see it
(9:27:27 PM) OHB: a) subscribtion to KI mails that are automatically delivered like an email
distribution list
(9:27:41 PM) OHB: b) an on-demand ki mail retreival thing using ohbot
(9:27:52 PM) OHB: c) a web-based click-to-send ki mail thing
(9:27:54 PM) OHB: the end
(9:28:13 PM) Leonardo: c is not possible...people want an In Cavern solution
(9:28:27 PM) AgeExplorer: yeah so that leaves a or b
(9:28:30 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: i think both should be utilized
(9:28:43 PM) Luna: a combi of both would work
(9:28:49 PM) OHB: i agree with pokemon on this...(for what it counts) you can combine things
(9:28:55 PM) AgeExplorer: yeah they both could work nice
(9:28:58 PM) OHB: subscribe in-cavern, manage your subscriptions online
(9:28:58 PM) OHB: etc
(9:29:14 PM) LostThyme left the room (quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client").
(9:30:05 PM) Leonardo: mmmh...I don't really see the point of having a subscription thing, since
the Cavern Criers Kimails don't vary in number. We update the old ones so everyone who already
have them, already have the updated copy
(9:30:50 PM) kaelis: nor do i =P
(9:30:50 PM) OHB: if you're just doing ki mail updates then you don't need a ki-mail sender bot at
(9:30:50 PM) Leonardo: with the rare exception of when we add a new KiMail to the collection
(9:30:50 PM) AgeExplorer: yeah actually thats a point I forgot about
(9:31:04 PM) (internet disconnected-connected)
(9:32:01 PM) OHB: :) yeah i think it's solvable
(9:32:03 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: So we just send a new one
(9:32:04 PM) Leonardo: wb Luna
(9:32:14 PM) Theremin: Not to sound too totally radical here but...
(9:32:14 PM) AgeExplorer: YAY!!!
(9:32:19 PM) Luna: sorry my internet connection here just fails randomly
(9:32:25 PM) Leonardo: eheheh
(9:33:19 PM) mode (+o Luna) by kaelis
(9:33:28 PM) Theremin: Going waaaay back to the idea of a Guild Age (I'm not proposing one.)...
(9:33:51 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: is this "Guild" or "Guilds" age?
(9:34:17 PM) Theremin: What about an age more like the nexus, simple graphics, somewhat small,
but with an interface where explorers can get the news?
(9:34:36 PM) Leonardo: singular Aaron
(9:34:37 PM) AgeExplorer: hmmm interesting
(9:34:42 PM) kaelis: guild, not guilds
(9:34:51 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Um guys, we're still in MOULa here
(9:34:53 PM) OHB: is this for another shard?
(9:34:55 PM) kaelis: i'm not fond of that idea, Theremin
(9:35:05 PM) kaelis: AaronAKAAtrus: the gome is not purely moulagain.
(9:35:05 PM) Leonardo: mmmh...that wouldn't however help us Theremin...it would stay in Uru:CC
not online
(9:35:27 PM) Leonardo: ok...that would also stay in the shards
(9:35:30 PM) Theremin: Good point, disregard.
(9:35:33 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Shards, then? UAM? Deep Island?
(9:35:41 PM) kaelis: i also believe that it should be a social interaction place, more like a coffee
shop, than a nexus
(9:35:56 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Agreed
(9:36:18 PM) Leonardo: yes...but we have already discussed the kind of Age we would like in
another Meeting guys XD this is not our current point
(9:36:36 PM) AgeExplorer: back on topic
(9:37:29 PM) OHB: so...you want an automated method for distributing the initial ki mails
(9:37:41 PM) OHB: you've got web and/or ohbot
(9:38:20 PM) Leonardo: so....where were we? Need for a centralized place for news. Since we can't
have a Cavern Crier always online we need something else...since Fan Ages aren't available yet
we need something else...this calls OHB in the field
(9:38:37 PM) Allatwan: I'll go now- I've got something to do :P
(9:38:52 PM) OHB: i could also provide a web-interface for submitting changes to the notes w/o
having to go in-cavern.
(9:38:52 PM) Leonardo: I would propend for ohbot..this doesn't mean the Cavern Criers are no
longer needed
(9:38:52 PM) Allatwan: It was nice talking to you guys ^^
(9:38:52 PM) Allatwan: bye!
(9:38:55 PM) Leonardo: bye Aaron
(9:38:55 PM) OHB: tata
(9:39:02 PM) Allatwan: ?
(9:39:03 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Bye twan
(9:39:06 PM) Polgara: Bye Bye
(9:39:07 PM) Allatwan: bye
(9:39:08 PM) Leonardo: sounds interesting OHB
(9:39:23 PM) AgeExplorer: bye
(9:39:24 PM) Luna: brb
(9:39:25 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I'm not leaving Leo
(9:39:46 PM) Leonardo: DOH...sorry I was reading fast..didn't realize it was Twan!! XD
(9:39:47 PM) Allatwan left the room (quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client").
(9:40:07 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: lol
(9:40:40 PM) Leonardo: mmh...everyone sleeping?
(9:40:47 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehhehe
(9:41:01 PM) OHB: i'm kinda waiting...
(9:41:14 PM) Luna: back
(9:41:22 PM) AgeExplorer: I like OHB's latest idea the best
(9:41:33 PM) Leonardo: yes, I like it too
(9:41:39 PM) Leonardo: wb Luna
(9:41:42 PM) AgeExplorer: wb
(9:42:20 PM) OHB: alright we'll i'll need to put some infrastructure in place but it's doable
(9:42:59 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Wait, you mean KIbot?
(9:43:11 PM) Luna: no the webbased KI changer
(9:43:11 PM) AgeExplorer: Wonderful cheers for OHB
(9:44:37 PM) AgeExplorer: yeah I love the idea
(9:44:37 PM) OHB: who has the ki mails?
(9:44:37 PM) OHB: leo you have them all?
(9:44:37 PM) Leonardo: all the Cavern Criers
(9:44:37 PM) OHB: give me a KI#
(9:44:37 PM) AgeExplorer: I have them all
(9:44:37 PM) Leonardo: yes I have them all in my GoMe avatar
(9:44:37 PM) Leonardo: wait
(9:44:37 PM) AgeExplorer: what?
(9:44:37 PM) Leonardo: 2513342
(9:44:37 PM) OHB: thx
(9:44:37 PM) AgeExplorer: ah okay lol
(9:45:45 PM) Leonardo: I keep them in the Relto folder if it helps :P
(9:45:45 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Wait what exacly is this method again?
(9:45:45 PM) OHB: ok i see 'em
(9:45:45 PM) OHB: yeah i found 'em
(9:45:45 PM) OHB: also found an error with your player hehe
(9:45:45 PM) Leonardo: <.<
(9:45:45 PM) AgeExplorer: scroll up chat pokemon
(9:45:45 PM) AgeExplorer: we don't want repeats
(9:45:45 PM) OHB: ...which is now fixed
(9:45:45 PM) Leonardo: YAY XD
(9:45:45 PM) AgeExplorer: wiii
(9:45:52 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Oh. web based ki changer
(9:46:15 PM) OHB: when was the last time you added a new ki mail?
(9:46:26 PM) Leonardo: mmmh...last week
(9:46:32 PM) Leonardo: New Players Bevin
(9:46:49 PM) OHB: oh you have one for the ULP! Nice!
(9:46:51 PM) OHB: (didn't know that hehe)
(9:47:00 PM) Leonardo: I thought YOU requested it XD
(9:47:05 PM) OHB: there's also a horrible typo
(9:47:09 PM) OHB: -Guild of Messengerst
(9:47:18 PM) AgeExplorer: LOL
(9:47:21 PM) OHB: did i? lol i don't remember
(9:47:24 PM) Leonardo: that's what you get when it can be edited by everyone :P
(9:47:26 PM) Luna: someone might have done that accidentally
(9:47:42 PM) Leonardo: oh then White added it XD
(9:47:59 PM) OHB: well we can add a little protection to those ki mails
(9:48:11 PM) AgeExplorer: That would be good
(9:48:19 PM) OHB: ok what i'll need for this is for someone to create a new avatar
(9:48:36 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: what name?
(9:48:51 PM) OHB: that avatar will be used as the "repository"
(9:48:52 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: I have a second account ith 4 open avvies
(9:49:02 PM) OHB: no it needs to belong to a GM
(9:49:06 PM) Leonardo: wait, It's rather use a new account for this
(9:49:07 PM) Luna: Can't we use the guild of messenger avi for that
(9:49:07 PM) AgeExplorer: O_O
(9:49:11 PM) OHB: yes
(9:49:11 PM) Leonardo: *I'd
(9:49:13 PM) ***AaronAKAAtrus feels let down
(9:49:15 PM) OHB: it should be a new account
(9:49:23 PM) Luna: okay a guild account then
(9:49:28 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: sounds good
(9:49:34 PM) Luna: on the guild email
(9:49:38 PM) Leonardo: ok...shall I create one with out guild email?
(9:49:47 PM) OHB: pokemon > it's nothing personal but it needs to be something that's guildowner,
not personally owned. bc if you leave the gome, it needs to be accessible still :)
(9:50:14 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Okdidn't take it personal :)
(9:50:14 PM) OHB: leo: it can be anything...what i'm gonna use this for is as a repository
(9:50:23 PM) Leonardo: right...that why we lo longer have access to the "Guild of Messegers"
(9:50:32 PM) Leonardo: ok...going to create it
(9:50:39 PM) OHB: notes that are created by THAT avatar and in it's inbox will be editable in the
(9:50:49 PM) Luna: yeah guild email , that way it will always be accessible
(9:50:55 PM) Leonardo: yes
(9:51:21 PM) OHB: then, send a copy of all the KI Mails you want to be editable to that avatar
(9:51:24 PM) OHB: and give me the ki#
(9:51:28 PM) Leonardo: ok
(9:51:50 PM) Luna: shame you cannot choose a KI number
(9:51:57 PM) Leonardo: eheheh, why?
(9:52:01 PM) OHB: :) who says you can't :)
(9:52:33 PM) Luna: because maybe an easy to remember one could be, well easy
(9:52:45 PM) OHB: not necessary
(9:52:53 PM) OHB: no one should know about the avatar
(9:52:59 PM) Luna: I dunno, I have random ideas sometimes
(9:53:02 PM) OHB: no one NEEDS to know about the avatar
(9:53:07 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Oooh, yo can do it ohb?
(9:53:09 PM) OHB: we're basically just treating it as a database
(9:53:20 PM) Luna: yeah but if we lost the guild of messengers avi
(9:53:22 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: No one sould know? why?
(9:53:32 PM) ***AaronAKAAtrus feels ssecretive
(9:53:36 PM) OHB: it's more that no one /needs/ to know
(9:53:43 PM) OHB: the avatar shouldn't be used
(9:53:48 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: They'll see who it comes from
(9:54:02 PM) Luna: oh okay
(9:54:07 PM) OHB: i can change that pokemon :)
(9:54:13 PM) OHB: i can make KI Mail appear to come from anyone
(9:54:19 PM) Luna: just trying to think efficiently
(9:54:27 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: OK, if you ask me that just crosses the line
(9:54:33 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: no offfense
(9:54:41 PM) OHB: well that why we don't do that
(9:54:55 PM) OHB: but certain situations it's ok.
(9:55:08 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: is this technically against the ToS?
(9:55:18 PM) OHB: for example, for the gome to make something appear to come from the GoMe
account instead of the archive account.
(9:55:36 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: ...
(9:55:51 PM) OHB: actually, i'm half-thinking about changing my mind on this
(9:56:00 PM) Leonardo: up to you
(9:56:15 PM) OHB: just thinking of what's easiest :) give me a sec i wanna look @ the GoMe acct
(9:56:37 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: i don't see why the archive account has to be a secret.. it would
actually help if it wasn't
(9:56:51 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: People could send it breaking news
(9:57:08 PM) Luna: who made the GoMe avi then, Lynutte?
(9:57:09 PM) OHB: ok i've come up with a better solution.
(9:57:12 PM) AgeExplorer: um why would they need to do that
(9:57:17 PM) OHB: oh wait
(9:57:19 PM) Leonardo: Aaron....since we use it as an archive, OHB needs it to only have OUR
kimails in its KI
(9:57:27 PM) OHB: the GoMe avatar isn't a shared account?
(9:57:31 PM) Leonardo: no, Andros has the GoMe account
(9:57:55 PM) Leonardo: I mean...GoMe avatar...not account
(9:58:04 PM) Leonardo: and yes...GoMe avatar is not shared
(9:58:09 PM) OHB: ok
(9:58:20 PM) Theremin: OK, I've idled long enough. I must go, shorah all!
(9:58:21 PM) OHB: make a new avatar on the GoMe account called "The Guild of Messengers"
(9:58:28 PM) OHB: see ya theremin
(9:58:29 PM) AgeExplorer: bye Theremin
(9:58:31 PM) Leonardo: I've been thinking to as Cyan if they can move the avatar from an account
to another...but I didn't ask yet
(9:58:36 PM) Luna: bye theremin
(9:58:37 PM) Polgara: Bye Theremin
(9:58:42 PM) Leonardo: bye Theremin
(9:59:05 PM) OHB: Leo > they can probably do that. we can't.
(9:59:11 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: OHB, your solution?
(9:59:27 PM) OHB: <OHB> make a new avatar on the GoMe account called "The Guild of
(9:59:33 PM) Theremin left the room (quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client").
(10:00:13 PM) Leonardo: ah....actually I called it GoMeArchive
(10:00:19 PM) OHB: i'll rename it :)
(10:00:21 PM) Leonardo: ok
(10:00:23 PM) OHB: (if that's ok)
(10:00:29 PM) Leonardo: it's ok
(10:00:48 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: it's a little long
(10:00:51 PM) Leonardo: mmh..I still have to go to Gahreesen to get the KI
(10:01:01 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehe
(10:01:11 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: So people won'tknow it's automated?
(10:02:35 PM) OHB: the KI# is 10728362
(10:02:42 PM) Leonardo: ....
(10:02:58 PM) OHB: haha
(10:03:01 PM) AgeExplorer: ehehehe
(10:03:01 PM) OHB: sorry!
(10:03:06 PM) Leonardo: :P
(10:03:37 PM) OHB: note: it might still appear as GoMeArchive on the login screen. i'm honestly
not sure :)
(10:04:00 PM) AgeExplorer: We'll find out
(10:04:01 PM) Luna: but uh now we did that
(10:04:10 PM) Luna: next topic? or more on this to come?
(10:04:23 PM) OHB: next, send a copy of all the KI-Mails you want to be editable to that avatar
(10:04:32 PM) Leonardo: mmmh..I've finished the things to say Luna XD
(10:04:50 PM) OHB: then let me know when you're done and i'll take it from there. but i probably
won't be able to finish this until i get back from hawaii
(10:21:41 PM) Leonardo: mmh, Luna maybe next time we can do it in Cavern XD it seems here
Meetings go on and on and on and on XD
(10:23:58 PM) Leonardo: oh btw!!! I should mention that I started working on rel.to :D
(10:24:34 PM) OHB: ps don't get rid of the url get params forward for shortcuts :) i'm using it :)
(10:24:55 PM) Leonardo: and Luna...do you want to try to sort the database with the proposed new
structure for the Projects?
(10:25:14 PM) Leonardo: ehmmm....OHB rephrase please XD
(10:25:23 PM) OHB: http://rel.to/stats/?rpt=acctavi_new
(10:25:27 PM) Leonardo: ohhh!!! I think I got it
(10:25:31 PM) OHB: :)
(10:25:40 PM) Luna: yeah, I can help out, Leonardo
(10:25:41 PM) Leonardo: you know....actually that's the only thing that I broke
(10:25:51 PM) OHB: when?
(10:25:53 PM) Luna: as long as I get the new database
(10:26:01 PM) Leonardo: really XD I spent the all day today wondering how I should implement it
(10:26:12 PM) OHB: it's working now
(10:26:16 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: Bye all.. i see no need being here
(10:26:19 PM) Leonardo: oh yesterday....but it is broken on my local copy :P I don't make changes
to the live site XD
(10:26:20 PM) Luna: bye
(10:26:26 PM) OHB: bye
(10:26:27 PM) AgeExplorer: bye
(10:26:30 PM) Leonardo: bye
(10:26:40 PM) AaronAKAAtrus: bland byes
(10:26:42 PM) Polgara: bye
(10:26:43 PM) AaronAKAAtrus left the room (quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC
(10:26:48 PM) OHB: ah well don't break it! i <3 that feature
(10:26:57 PM) Leonardo: sure LUna....mmh, in which format? csv?
(10:27:09 PM) Luna: something excel or openoffice can handle
(10:27:40 PM) AgeExplorer: eheh
(10:27:46 PM) Leonardo: yes I know OHB XD I love it too...but it was just too ugly how it is
implemented now...I thought of a different way I will like more, nothing will change from the
(10:28:03 PM) Luna: Marten sent me an xls thing
(10:28:07 PM) AgeExplorer: :D
(10:28:08 PM) Leonardo: xls....
(10:28:14 PM) OHB: ok
(10:28:21 PM) Luna: called "tags" I believe
(10:28:33 PM) Leonardo: oh yes
(10:29:11 PM) Luna: and I just have to change the parents?
(10:30:54 PM) Leonardo: mmmh well sort of. We need to rename the "ages" tag to "projects" or
something, and put there all the related things. The major part of those things are under "help"
(10:31:11 PM) Leonardo: but but not everything that is under "help" should be moved XD
(10:31:17 PM) Luna: no of course not
(10:32:25 PM) Leonardo: so we will have a help tag with less childs, since it already has
hundreds..and have a good sorting for the projects/ages/development stuff
(10:33:46 PM) Luna: yeah
(10:34:08 PM) Luna: I will reread the proposal as to what it said
(10:34:14 PM) Leonardo: ok
(10:38:03 PM) Leonardo: is there still something we have to say?
(10:38:15 PM) Leonardo: if not...I have still a dinner waitinf for me XD
(10:38:55 PM) Luna: no don't think so
(10:39:03 PM) Leonardo: very good
(10:39:15 PM) Leonardo: hey this has been a productive Meeting!
(10:39:31 PM) AgeExplorer: yes it has been an amazingly productive meeting
(10:39:32 PM) Luna: the ratio messengers/random people is getting skewed :P
(10:39:33 PM) Leonardo: not that others usually aren't XD
(10:39:40 PM) Leonardo: yeah :)
(10:40:07 PM) Luna: but yeah sort of productive
(10:40:11 PM) Luna: and rather busy
(10:40:16 PM) AgeExplorer: To all those who are still awake thank you for attending
(10:40:35 PM) Leonardo: ^^
(10:40:41 PM) AgeExplorer: lol just us three now
(10:40:54 PM) Luna: the end of all GoMe meetings

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